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Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow: Press

Looks like Tyler Fyre, Thrill Kill Jill, Hank Lightning and Duke Dynamite made it into "Scenes From World Sword Swallower’s Day" at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! blog! Click the link below the image to read more :)

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The Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow are honored to announce that we are the recent recipients of the Candlelight Award presented to us by the Circus Historical Society. The Candlelight Award honors young performers that are keeping the circus and sideshow dreams alive in the present day. Thanks to Al Stencell, President of the Circus Historical Society, Franco Kossa, founder of the Sideshow Gathering, and our family and friends for making this award possible.

Light My Fire!
Tyler Fyre,Thrill Kill JillTyler Fyre & Thrill Kill Jill's Valentines Day 2007 wedding made the cover of the Washington Post Weekend Section. And there's a picture of the Weekend section on the actual front page of the Post, so here's us on the cover of the Washington Post. Not bad first piece of press for the new team.
Washington Post Cover
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"When Weird Is Wonderful"
Check out this article and great photo gallery from the Washington Post Sunday Magazine!
Washingtonian Obama Photobucket


The sword-swallowing, fire-eating, carnival world isn’t the most stable environment in which to build a marriage. But Tyler Fyre and Thrill Kill Jill (really Tyler and Jill Fleet) somehow manage to defy death while upholding until-death-do-us-part. The West Virginia-based pair met on Valentine’s Day 2006; exactly one year later, a Vegas Elvis impersonator tied their knot. Now, they tour the country together in a 1973 Airstream trailer as the Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow, stopping monthly for sold-out shows at hometown haunt the Palace of Wonders. The Fleets manage to keep some spice in their two-year relationship: Tyler eats fire; Jill charms snakes; Tyler drops 19 steel blades into a sarcophagus while Jill contorts her body inside. But even when Tyler’s not carving a watermelon off Jill’s bare belly with a chainsaw, the two are still each other’s main attraction. Recently, the pair’s at least picked up a safer activity to share together: taxidermy. “We’re starting with what we’ve got handy,” says Jill. “So right now, we’re big into squirrels.”
The Tattooed Lady "The first book of its kind, The Tattooed Lady uncovers the true stories behind these women, bringing them out of the sideshow realm and into their working class realities. Combining thorough research with more than a hundred historical photos, this social history explores tattoo origins, women's history, and circus lore. A fascinating read, The Tattooed Lady pays tribute to a group of unique and amazing women whose legacy lives on."
Featuring our very own Tattooed Lady, Thrill Kill Jill!
Avaliable at
CarnySideshowsCover The newest book on sideshows comes out March 2010. We got this sneak peek at the cover with Tyler on the front and Jill on the back!
"Step right up, Ladies & Gentlemen, and feast your eyes on the incomparable wonders of a hidden world! Be astonished! Amazed!
Discover Today's Dedicated Entertainers, like Thrill Kill Jill..."
Tony Gangi - Carny Sideshows (Mar, 2010)
Daily Mail Header Charleston Daily Mail Article Harpers Ferry couple brings fire-breathing, sword swallowing, snake charming show to city...
Check us out on the Fox 5 Morning News here in Washington, DC!
- FOX 5 Morning News DC (Jun 14, 2013)